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AxiomCpl: Central Professional Library Portal

19 July, 2024

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SEL - Structural Engineering Library

Designed specifically for structural engineering professionals and supporting staff. The Structural Engineering Library includes editable AutoCAD structural details and AutoCAD structural blocks, shapes and components for all types of structural systems. This professional structural library is the most comprehensive, time-saving and best source for your structural details needs.

checkmark Free content samples and zip downloads.
checkmark Free access to all details and blocks in JPG and DWF format.
checkmark Express checkout option. No login or membership required.
checkmark Full membership option. Full access to all DWG drawings. Semi-annual membership.
checkmark All details and blocks will work with AutoCAD & AutoCAD LT 2000 and up.
checkmark All details and blocks are drawn to scale and are completely editable and scalable.

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