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Axiom Solutions, LLC

20 May, 2024

Axiom Solutions LLC

Axiom Solutions LLC is a professional resource company that creates, hosts and provides high quality web content through a central portal for professionals users.

The company was founded in 2003 in Indianapolis, Indiana by Atallah Sayegh, P.E. and was established in 2004 as a Limited Liability Company. Axiom Solutions, LLC is the sole owner of domain and axiomcpl™ trademark.

Axiom Solutions, LLC,, and axiomcpl™ Library is not a consulting service. The website's portal content is simply available to assist the professional users, as further explained in the License, Terms and Conditions.

SEL - Structural Engineering Library

Designed specifically for structural engineering professionals and supporting staff. The Structural Engineering Library includes editable AutoCAD structural details and AutoCAD structural blocks, shapes and components for all types of structural systems. This professional structural library is the most comprehensive, time-saving and best source for your structural details needs.

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