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SEL - AutoCAD Structural Details

19 July, 2024

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Choose a Structural Details Main Division:

Main Division Current Status ∑ # Templates ∑ # Details Updated
  FD-Foundation Deep 05 32 17 May, 2011
  FG-Foundation General 11 51 05 Mar, 2011
  FW-Foundation WF & GB 11 33 17 May, 2011
  FC-Foundation Civil-Ind 11 40 10 May, 2010
  CD-Concrete Details 09 61 19 May, 2010
  CP-Concrete Precast 06 32 17 May, 2011
  MA-Masonry Details 10 39 13 May, 2010
  ST-Steel Details 21 100 17 May, 2011
  WD-Wood Details 16 62 23 May, 2013
  NS-Notes & Schedules 08 25 07 Aug, 2011
  Total   108 475  


  Current Status
Structural Details are available
Structural Details are available but have been added to or modified in the last 14 days

Click here to view a brief description of the AutoCAD Structural Details Library subdivisions.

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The DWG AxiomCpl professional AutoCAD Structural Details library is divided into main divisions as shown above. Each material division has many subdivisions. Consequently, the subdivisions have several templates with corresponding, similar DWG AutoCAD structural details. One template typically has several DWG AutoCAD structural details shown as thumbnails. All DWG AutoCAD structural details are drawn at actual scale (i.e. 3/8", 1/2", 3/4", 1" etc.) and are on colored layers which correspond to the axiomcpl™ Layer system. The DWG structural details are completely scalable and editable. Colors and layer names can be easily changed to fit your requirements. These DWG AutoCAD structural details have extensive notes and proper dimensions. See Explanations for more information and see Samples for examples.

AutoCAD Details: Structural Details Library setup:

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We provide you with the best quality DWG AutoCAD structural details including standard structural details, structural AutoCAD blocks for different materials, construction details, foundation details, concrete details, precast details, masonry details, steel details, wood details, and timber details. See all access options.

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