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Structural Library Member Responsibilities

07 May, 2021

License and Agreement:
We recommend getting familiar with our Legal Notices. This will ensure that you and those working under your supervision are aware of all the information regarding access, terms and conditions, disclaimers, copyright etc.

You may access the Library if you have been given authority to do so. You may, under your immediate supervision, grant access to your employees working under you on your projects according to the number of memberships purchased. It is your responsibility to make sure that any unauthorized access is denied.

Every time you log in to the axiomcpl™ Library, you agree to and accept the terms of the agreement, the disclaimer and limitation of liability, copyright, and privacy statement. It is your responsibility to inform your employees.

Use of Details & Blocks:
You may download, modify, and edit all the desired details and blocks as required for your particular use. The final responsibility rests on the professional in charge for the final documents. In no event shall Axiom Solutions, LLC, any of it's employees or agents in any case be held liable or responsible for the use of the details and blocks as further explained under Disclaimer & Limitation of Liability.

Sharing of Details & Blocks:
You may not rent, loan, lease, sell, transfer, donate, assign or make available in any manner all or in part of the Library details and blocks to anyone or entity other than those who are authorized to use them. It is your responsibility to make sure that the Library system and access is used properly without misuse and abuse.