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Structural Library Member Benefits

07 May, 2021


  • Work on project details by accessing the axiomcpl™ Libraries from anywhere.
  • Print details from the DWF viewer to mark up for your technician in the office.


  • The Libraries give you the advantage of communicating with your design team.
  • Professionals and technicians can access the same consistent information.

Consistency & Accuracy:

  • Consistent details and sections that are drawn accurately can improve project quality.
  • Minimize costly and repeated mistakes or errors in compiling final drawings.
  • Reduce the amount of several mark-up gyrations.


  • Diverse Libraries give you the advantage of working on projects with more materials.
  • Expand your options with details or blocks that you may not have in your library.


  • The libraries can be of a great asset for educating your junior professionals.
  • Educate your young technicians in how to properly prepare sections and details.
  • The libraries can also benefit educators in educational institutions.
  • Prepare your students to understand technical drawings in building structures.

Efficiency & Productivity:

  • Prepare and produce the final construction documents in a shorter amount of time.
  • Reduce the man-hours required to conclude the projects.


  • Professionals and technicians can move from one company to another with no worry.
  • There is no learning curve if your new company subscribes to axiomcpl™.

Quality Control:

  • The person in charge of the project can maintain constant control over the design.
  • The final quality of the construction documents should be substantially improved.
  • Easier shop drawing reviews during the construction phase of the project.
  • Less RFI's during construction.

Time Saving:

  • All the above benefits will result in substantial time savings for the entire design team.
  • This will certainly also lead to generating the desired profit margin on your projects.
  • Better construction documents will yield a more economical design for the owner.