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FD - Deep Foundation Details

04 July, 2020

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FD - Deep Foundation Details:

Piers & Piles:

Pile Caps With 3xd Spacing:

Pile Caps With 2.5xd Spacing:

Basement Walls - Steel Floors:

Deep Foundation System:

  • A deep foundation is a type of foundation system that is embedded into the ground to achieve soil bearing values as required by the foundation design.
  • A geotechnical report prepared by a geotechnical engineering firm for a particular project delineates allowable values for bearing, base friction, skin friction, passive and active soil pressures, hydrostatic pressures and other design parameters.
  • Selection of a deep foundation system is typically dictated by very large design column and wall loads, poor soil conditions, or site constraints and limitations such as construction adjacent to existing buildings and distances to property lines of adjacent structures.
  • Deep foundations systems include piles, sheet piles, drilled shafts, caissons, straight shafts, piers, belled piers, slurry walls, and deep basement and retaining walls.
  • The materials used for deep foundations include steel, reinforced concrete, precast concrete, composite steel and concrete, and timber.
  • Deep foundations for piers and piles can be installed by either driving them into the ground to proper bearing or drilling a shaft and filling it with plain or reinforced concrete.

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