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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

07 May, 2021

Q1. Can you briefly explain what your library is all about?

The axiomcpl™ Library is a web-based library containing structural details and blocks that are accessed and directly downloaded on final drawings. There are three separate libraries depending on the level of membership. See all access options

Q2. What happens if I am a member and I move to a different firm or company?

If you are currently a subscribing member and you are going to move to a different firm or organization, your membership is transferable to you only if you personally paid for the membership. If your current firm, company, or organization paid for your library membership out of the company's funds, then the membership stays with the company and is transferred to another person with the same membership grade in the original firm, company or organization.

Q3. Do you provide consulting and engineering services?

Our company does not provide engineering consulting. However, we would be glad to give you names of some structural engineering consultants that you can contact.

Q4. I am having problems previewing the blocks and details in the Samples link.

It is possible that you do not have a viewer installed on your computer. To preview the blocks or details you need to have Autodesk® DWF™ Viewer or Volo® View installed on you computer which usually comes with AutoCAD. If not, you can download a free version from

Q5. What is the best way to view your details for colors etc.?

The best way to view the details or blocks is to set your AutoCAD display background color to black. This can be can done in Tools/Options/ Display/Colors/Model Tab/Black. For previews in the thumbnails, the details were plotted with black background. If you are having problems with viewing the colors, you can also set your Autodesk DWF Viewer or Volo View background to Black in Tools/Options/Background color/Black.