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Structural Blocks Layer 0 Description

07 May, 2021

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The following is a brief description of the block divisions and subdivisions that are in the AxiomCpl Layer 0 Blocks Library.

02-L0 Foundation:

  • Piers & piles
  • Pile caps with 3xd spacing
  • Footings in section
  • Footings in plan

03-L0 Concrete:

  • Concrete beams
  • Concrete edge beams
  • Concrete walls
  • Concrete wall pilasters
  • Round concrete columns
  • Square concrete columns
  • Rectangular concrete columns
  • Reinforcement
  • Reinforcement columns & beams
  • Concrete joints
  • Concrete joint filler
  • Waterstops

04-L0 Masonry:

  • Masonry shapes
  • Masonry bond beams

05-L0 Steel & Metals:

  • Wide flange beams
  • Wide flange columns
  • Steel channel shapes
  • Steel equal angle shapes
  • Steel unequal angle shapes
  • Steel WT shapes
  • Steel round pipe shapes
  • Steel square tube shapes
  • Steel rectangular tube shapes
  • Steel joist shapes
  • Steel joist girder shapes
  • Steel deck shapes

06-L0 Wood:

  • Blocking - sawn lumber
  • Members - sawn lumber
  • Wood floor trusses
  • Wood roof trusses
  • Members - glulam
  • Laminated veneer lumber
  • Parallel strand lumber
  • TJI's

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